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Celebrate World Ocean Day with Oysters

· Don't forget to eat responsibly! ·

So I’ve been having a bit of trouble writing my Bretagne post. I’ve written about 2 000 words on the history of the region and Breton foods, particularly oysters. I think it’s interesting but its’s a lot of words for two little recipes. It’s possible that it’s possible I rambled a little.     So…


You can't post a guacamole recipe online without giving it something extra to make it special but you also cant post a Mexican menu without guacamole making an appearance so here it is. Guacamole, with its something special..

Left with no other option, we made tacoless tacos or ‘taco bowls’ for lunch. We used a quinoa bulgur mix for any…

Wallaby Tartare with Quail Egg, Avocado & Pickled Fennel

You may have had tartare before but this is NEXT LEVEL deliciousness.


There was a butcher who had biltong on show. I couldnโ€™t resist taking a look but to be honest it looked too…