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May 4, 2017 2 Comments

I am a 23yr old South African living in Paris. I spent 9 years living in Dubai and 6 years living around Australia. Basically I have three passports and no ‘home home’. I am a voracious eater and a ‘moderate’ drinker. I am a firm believer than good food can change the world. And I guess with this blog I am trying to do my bit to share a bit of joy.

Other things I enjoy include, travelling, cats, sassy children and sunshine. I dislike intolerance, bananas, iPhone screens and people who can’t look me in the eye.

I have been described as fearless, folle, intense and ‘quite something’. I am all of these things and more. You guys don’t need to really worry about that though because this isn’t an online dating profile is it? This is an obligatory about section of a food blog.. so enough about me! Go look at the recipes. Honestly it’s far more interesting.

If you are however intrigued by who I am as a person then feel free to contact me. If not, please enjoy the recipes!

May 6, 2017



  1. collegeceliackc

    May 11, 2017

    Nice to meet you! I’m sure you’ve tasted a lot of different foods on your travels! I grew up as a Marine brat, so I lived all over the United States (and in Cuba) so I can relate to a certain extent 🙂

    • sian.hobbs@hotmail.com

      May 11, 2017

      oh awesome! I’m a bit jealous for Cuba though 🙂

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