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May 4, 2017 Comments Off on The Blog

See my dad backpacked around the world for two years in his youth, where his childlike curiosity pushed him to try a plethora of cuisines. This trait, he passed down to me. He also spent a portion of his youth living on a farm so he has a tendance towards all that is natural and organic.

Mom on the other hand has a much more ‘elegant’ palate. She is a bit of fancy pants. She threw dinner parties with immaculately presented nibbles, flutes of champagne and elaborate table settings. Mom has flair, she has the eye. She also has this silly habit of constantly being in the throws of some diet…

So I grew up travelling, being pushed to eat things other kids wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. I got braised quail in my lunchbox, ate fish head soup for breakfast and ravaged anything with raw meat. It’s because of them that I try to use local, seasonal produce all the time and avoid plastic food.

 The recipes I’ve written reflect that mix of my mom and dad and the memories I have accumulated in my travels. 




May 4, 2017